by Moving Brooklyn

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released January 14, 2014

Recorded at Nada Studios in October 2013
Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by John Naclerio
Bass Guitar on Tracks 1, 5 performed by Paul LaBosky, 2, 4 by Kevin Tiernan, and 3, 6 by Kris Kilgore
Lyrics, art and design by Kevin Tiernan
Limit Break typeface by Alex Tomlinson




all rights reserved


Moving Brooklyn Connecticut

In a rush of nostalgia, Moving Brooklyn was conceived as a throwback to early 2000's rock acts like Northstar and Spitalfield. The band quickly spread their name by playing extensively throughout New England. In January 2014, Moving Brooklyn released their debut EP, Intervals, produced by John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance, Just Surrender, Bayside). ... more

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Track Name: If I Ever
We were cold on November nights
We were warmer in the spring
Took a walk with you by my side
Knew what it would mean

You were so beautiful as you broke the news
You were somebody I was a fool to lose

Tryin', tryin' to get you back
You shoot, shoot me down

Half a month and my feeling remain strong
No change since the night when we last talked
We dance to the same songs
We did at the start
It's been a while and still I'm...

If I ever get you back, we'll find a way out

Remember we worked all along
Remember we were holding on
Track Name: Symmetry
Yearbooks closed, put aside
The days of old have been defined
Backwards logic got me by
Forward was a state of mind

We live for time and place,
Cheap thrill...and now my lethargy
To feel young, to feel inspired

By now I know how this goes
After years of running circles

I know exactly who I want to be
It's not living, no, it's just symmetry

Still wonder how long it takes to get it right
Timing is a funny thing
I'm fighting back the symmetry, oh
We went to Point Beach; simple life with honesty
Everybody's moving too fast for me

Woah, one day we'll be proud
Watch it all breaking down

Growing up, dealing with the consequences
Tough love/love, loss
Becoming everything that we are
Track Name: Divorce Rock Record
Why do we do what we do?
Action then defense
Why do we say what we say?
Talking like we're friends
And I'm done with all the "woe is me"
I'm done with all the drinks
'Cause I gave that up for Rock 'n' Roll
And showing you I'm happy

You're crying all the way home
You're crying all the way
Crying all the way home
You're crying, you're crying
You're crying all the way home
Crying all the way
Crying all the way home
And I'll be sleeping the same

You never call me up,
Calling everyone in the phonebook
You do what you do, the other boys get hooked
We both played the victim in a game taking turns
I could write this album all about
How you won't write me one verse

Won't apologize for saying how I feel
Like a divorce rock record,
I will play you how it feels
Track Name: We Would Make Sense
Been a hell of year moving around
Searching the town for distraction,
I found the answer starin' me back

Didn't expect that we would make sense
Yeah, all along we were better off

Suddenly, my year looked up
Our common dialogue got me through this
Therein lies the irony: what I need can never be
That's fine

We took a chance that we would make sense

Happened at the perfect time
When bad ideas and great collide, you find no difference
No, you never find the difference
And through all the noise and static
Thanks for helping me welcome the sound

Maybe you knew that we would make sense all along
We're still better off
Track Name: Actors (With the Wrong Lines)
Things change
A set of lines, the ebb and flow away from same
But different marked indifference on your life you try to waste
The grounds loose, you're drowning our roots,
And pulling 'em up could make my theory true

I think that you might be fading away
'Cause I can't see half of the smirk on that face
You tear up the winter till we bloom in the spring,
Desperately waiting on a change that you don't need

You've changed
A cutaway to mark your cinematic fade
Band-Aids can relate, straight to the trash when wounds erase
I've said this, I've echoed before,
"Just let me know it's for show once more"

Warmest of November nights, colder in the spring
Waiting on a change that you don't need

You've been acting every worst way
Personality is relative and lately I've been...

If only you valued being true with yourself
We're feeding a fallacy and a change that you don't need
Track Name: Good Thing I've Learned
I've learned a little bit from pushing my luck
And wishing the best while I'm biting my tongue
There are plans unraveling, maps on the floor
We will be strangers acquainted in another world

These are my words, my words

You ain't alive till you let it die
The past is crashing, hold on tight
They learn how to stay in control
Good thing I've learned to let it go

Distance made a poet out of you and me
Our unsaid goodbyes turned into poetry
Who knows what will come next?
Wave to the coastline you're willing to forget

Better now
Starting up, starting again
I've learned, I've learned now
Never said sorry for saying how I feel,
So I will, so I will now

No holding on, no holding tight